Lavender Floral Water

Benefits TANAMERA Lavender Floral Water

The scent of lavender is known for its relaxing properties for children and adults. It is soothing, comforting as well as healing. Lavender water are highly versatile and can be used for personal care and around the house as below:

    For Babycare:

  • Calm restless babies by adding few tablespoons of lavender floral into their bathwater. Can be especially beneficial if babies are suffering from nappy rash or eczema. The soothing properties helps calm the irritation and speed up healing.
  • A few sprays onto a tissue makes a handy all natural wet-wipe for applications on babies and children.
  • For Bodycare:

  • Perfect for hot weather as a cooling body mist, helps to energise.
  • Carry it on a plane to humidify.
  • For Skincare:

  • For hydrating dry skin and cooling hot, sensitized skin.
  • Help diminish puffy and dark circles under the eyes. Soak cotton wool pads and cover eyes for 10 minutes for immediate and dramatic reduction in puffiness.
  • As natural toner for dry sensitive skin.
  • For Homecare:

  • Around the house lavender water is great to freshen the air instead of using aerosols.
  • As aromatheraphy pillow spray for adults and children who have difficulty in sleeping, or for a good restful sleep to recharge and relax.

    How to use

    • Use after bath or anytime of the day when feeling tired.
    • Hold the spray bottle 6 inches from your face, or body or pillow and spray liberally in a continuous sweeping manner.
    • Inhale deeply and hold your breath for 5 to 10 seconds to absorb the scent and enjoy the relaxing effects.
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