Prenatal Preganancy Massage

We complement our TANAMERA Postnatal Care Set with prenatal and postnatal massage and confinement care services. All our services are conducted in the comfort and convenience of your own home. Our therapists are local Malaysian women; matured ladies who are trained, certified and experienced in the fine and traditional art of Malay pregnancy and postnatal care and massage.

Pregnancy is a time of great physical and emotional change for a woman. Pregnant moms often suffer from nausea, stress and strain on muscles and joints, emotional stress and difficulty in sleeping.

Prenatal or pregnancy massage can work wonders to help soothe and relax the pregnant mom. Soft effleurage of upward strokes on legs and thighs gently boost circulation, relieves, prevents and reduces puffy ankles, muscle cramps and helps with varicose veins.

As prenatal massage is gentle and soothing, many pregnant moms have found relief from high blood pressure and insomnia. For more advanced pregnancies, a gentle massage with circular motions on the abdomen and pelvic area is allowed. This movement helps to position baby and brings relief to the pelvic muscles of the pregnant mom. Moms will be positioned and properly supported with pillows and padding to ensure comfort and safety for the pregnant mom and her unborn baby. Prenatal massage is recommended for moms who are more than 4 months pregnant.

Terms and Conditions

1. Postnatal massage will be held on consecutive days for maximum effectiveness.For 10 and 14 days packages,our therapists will break for 1-2 days to rest Mom’s body.

2. Price inclusive of Tanamera products required for the massage session.

3. Massage is conducted in the comfort and convenience of Mom’s home.

4. Our therapists are local Malay ladies with more than 10 years’ experience, trained and certified in traditional Malay prenatal and postnatal massage.

5. Please note we have a travel surcharge for locations more than 15km from our office in SS12 Subang Jaya.Surcharge will be at RM0.60 per km (2 ways ).For enquiries on surcharge computation please contact our customer service at cs@tanamerapostnatal.com or whatsapp 0129370966.

6. Full payment must be made before our therapists start the massage sessions.

7. Appointment cancellation or postponement must be communicated at least 6 hours before agreed appointment date and time.

8. Postnatal massage appointments will be scheduled on consecutive days and will be communicated to customer.

9. All massage packages must be utilized within 6 calendar months from purchase date.Unutilized sessions will be forfeited.Unutilized massage packages are non-transferable and non-refundable.

10. Payment made is not refundable but transferable.