Frequently Asked Questions:

Question : Is one unit of the Tanamera postnatal care set enough to help me recover completely after my delivery ?
Answer : Yes, one unit of Tanamera Postnatal Care set is enough to help you recover completely but you must follow the recommended usage instructions. 

Question : What is special about Tanamera postnatal care set compared to all the other postnatal sets available in the market now ?
Answer : Tanamera Postnatal Care set is targetted to pregnant mothers who are conscious of her wellbeing and looking for 100% Natural products that are free of chemicals , coloring and preservatives for themselves and their unborn child .  

Question : Are the items in the Tanamera Postnatal Care set safe for use?
Answer : Tanamera Postnatal Care set is manufactured byTanamera Sdn Bhd, a reputable and well-established manufacturer with GMP certified factory. The products in the Tanamera Postnatal Care set are certified by the Malaysian Ministry of Health.

Question : Why is it there is no ‘jamu’ in the Tanamera postnatal care set ?
Answer : Our postnatal set do not contain any ‘jamu’ because feedback from Medical professionals is that ‘jamu’ may intefere with the quality of breast milk and may cause jaundice in new born baby.   


Question : Is Tanamera Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO)safe for consumption ?
Answer : Yes , our Cold Pressed Virgin Coconut Oil is safe for consumption.

Question: Do I need to rinse off the VCO after I have massaged my perineum area with it?
Answer : Please do not rinse off the VCO so you continue to enjoy the highly moisturising benefits of VCO to ensure your perineal skin stays supple, flexible and minimize tearing during childbirth.

Question : Will applying the VCO on my perineum cause infections on me and my unborn baby?
Answer : It is always good to practice good personal hygiene, and even more so, when pregnant.  Therefore, please wash your hands and fingers thoroughly before application of the VCO on your perineum area . It may reassure you to know that VCO has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. For example, VCO attacks and kills viruses that have a lipid (fatty) coating, such as herpes, HIV, hepatitis C, the flu, and mononucleosis. It kills the bacteria that cause pneumonia,  urinary tract infections, gonorrhea, and more bacterial infections. It kills the fungus or yeast infections that cause candida, ringworm, thrush, diaper rash and more.

Question : When is the best time for me to start consuming the VCO?
Answer : We recommend applying the VCO on the vagina ( outside and inside ) from your 6th month of pregnancy to start moisturizing the perineum area . Once you are in your 9th month of pregnancy take one tablespoonful of VCO everyday. And when your contraction starts, take more of the VCO till childbirth.During labour plash generously some VCO on your perineum area.


Question : How do I use the Feminine Herbal Wash if I don’t have a Sitz Bath Basin?
Answer : The Feminine Herbal Wash preparation can be used in a variety of ways. If the Sitz Bath Basin is not available, you can cleanse by gently splashing the solution onto your private parts. Do not rinse off the solution. Just gently pat dry. Or you can put the preparation into a spray bottle and gently spray the solution onto your private parts after each toilet use. Then gently pat dry.

Question : How often should I use the Feminine Herbal Wash?
Answer : The Feminine Herbal Wash should be used after each toilet use if using a spray bottle, or at least twice a day if using the Sitz Bath method. For the moms who have just delivered a baby, please use the Feminine Herbal Wash for 14 days (minimum) after childbirth to ensure your stitches are properly cleansed and your private parts stay clean, fresh and deodorized, to prevent infections.

Question : If I have a Caesarean birth, can I still use the Feminine Herbal Wash?
Answer : Yes, we encourage all new moms to use the Feminine Herbal Wash from day one after delivery , whether they have had a vaginal or caesarean delivery. The Feminine Herbal Wash has anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and deodorizing properties from the herbal contents. After delivery, all women will discharge’ lochia’, which looks like menstrual discharge. This consists of blood, placenta tissue and excess mucus. It is thus very important to keep the genital area clean to prevent bacterial infection. Using the Feminine Herbal Wash will help to keep the genital area cleaned and deodorized in a natural way.

Question : I am going to deliver my baby in a hospital. I don’t have the facilities to prepare the Feminine Herbal Wash in a hospital. What do I do coz I really want to start using the Feminine Herbal Wash right away?
Answer : It’s great that you want to start using the Feminine Herbal Wash in the soonest time possible. We suggest that you enlist the help of your husband, your mom, your mom-in-law, sister or best friend! Ask them to prepare and bring solution to the hospital in a flask or bottle on the day you delivered for optimum results.


Question : I have been told that bathing during confinement will give me ‘wind’ and cause rheumatism and joint pains when I grow old. But I want to bathe coz I’m so used to twice daily showers!
Answer :It is true that if we don’t take care of ourselves properly during our confinement, we can suffer from infections, postpartum depression, and other maladies when we grow older. Our Herbal Wash is made using a mixture of herbs which has anti-bacterial, anti-septic, anti-inflammatory, and warming properties . You can enjoy our Herbal Bath in a few ways, ie as a final rinse, as a sponge bath or even as a soak in a bath tub. Having a Herbal Bath has also been described as having a spa within our own bathroom due to its aromatherapy which has a wonderful uplifting effect too. 


Question : Why is the Herbal Massage Oil not as ‘hot/tingly’ as other massage oils I have tried?
Answer : The ‘hot/tingly’ sensation is usually caused by alcohol. Our Herbal Massage Oil does not contain any alcohol. The mild warm sensation from our Herbal Massage Oil is from an ingredient called Oil of Wintergreen which is a natural plant extract, which has the function of helping to relive joint aches and pains.

Question : Can I use the Herbal Massage Oil during pregnancy?
Answer : Yes, you may use the Herbal Massage Oil during pregnancy. A gentle, relaxing massage has been found to be calming and helpful to relieve stress during pregnancy.


Question: How soon can I start drinking the Herbal tea?
Answer: We recommend you to start drinking the tea twice a day, starting from Day 5 of childbirth

Question: I’m worried that the Herbal tea will affect my breastmilk.
Answer: Our Herbal Tea is specially made to help moms breastfeed. It contains herbs which help to promote the flow of breastmilk. Once the flow of breastmilk is smooth, both mom and baby will find the breastfeeding experience more enjoyable.

Question : I am not a frequent drinker of herbal drinks and soups, thus I find the taste of the Herbal Tea a bit bitter. What can I do to make it taste better ?
Answer : You may add a little honey to sweeten the tea.

Question : Is it normal to go to the toilet and to release gas more than normal after drinking the Herbal Tea?
Answer : Key benefits of our Herbal Tea is to promote blood circulation and release of water retention. With improved blood circulation, toxins and excessive water will be better expelled. .


Question : How long should I wear the Bengkung?
Answer : We recommend wearing the bengkung minimum 12 hours, everyday for 40 days, for optimum results. It’s best if you can wear it day and night , taking it off only when you have your shower. The more you wear it, the faster you will regain your pre-pregnancy figure.

Question : Can I wear the Bengkung even if I had a Caesarean delivery?
Answer : For Caesarean delivery, we recommend the wearing Bengkung only after the stitches are healed, which is around 2 weeks. There have also been cases where Doctors recommend the use of an Abdominal binder to help ‘hold’ the stitches together, soon after the Caeserean delivery. Please check with your Doctor, if in doubt.

Question : What is the difference between your Abdominal Wrap/Bengkung and the commercially available corsets or girdles?
Answer : Our Bengkung is made of 100% unbleached cotton which means the risk of allergy is greatly minimized, if not negligible. It is also cooler and more comfortable for our humid tropical climate. In addition, our cotton material is ‘stiff’ which makes it more effective to ‘mould’ your postnatal body into its pre-pregnancy shape. The length also covers till below the hips/upper thighs which means the support and slimming effect is better. In contrast, the commercial corsets/girdles have a high level of elastane, which is a synthetic material. This makes it less comfortable and ‘hotter’ for the wearer as the material does not allow the skin to breathe. Some wearers are also allergic to the synthetic material. Because it is more ‘elastic’, this means that the ‘moulding’ and slimming effect is less effective. The other point is that commercial corsets/girdles are usually only 10 – 12 inches in height, which means it only covers the abdominal , and not the hip area. Furthermore, corsets/girdles tend to bunch up and does not maintain its shape, even after a couple of hours of wear.

Question : I am very interested in your Tanamera Postnatal Care set, but I had my baby 6 months ago! Can I still use it?
Answer : For optimum results, we recommend the use of Tanamera Postnatal Care set during the confinement period . This is because our bodies are most ‘pliable’ and receptive to treatments with the presence of the hormone Relaxin in our body. As the name implies, this hormone helps relax our ligaments to allow for easier delivery. It is present in our body till approximately 8 months after delivery. So, yes you can still use the Tanamera Postnatal Care set even though you had your baby 6 months ago.