On Herbal Tea


Question: How soon can I start drinking the Herbal tea?
Answer: We recommend you to start drinking the tea twice a day, starting from Day 5 of childbirth

Question: I’m worried that the Herbal tea will affect my breastmilk.
Answer: Our Herbal Tea is specially made to help moms breastfeed. It contains herbs which help to promote the flow of breastmilk. Once the flow of breastmilk is smooth, both mom and baby will find the breastfeeding experience more enjoyable.

Question : I am not a frequent drinker of herbal drinks and soups, thus I find the taste of the Herbal Tea a bit bitter. What can I do to make it taste better ?
Answer : You may add a little honey to sweeten the tea.

Question : Is it normal to go to the toilet and to release gas more than normal after drinking the Herbal Tea?
Answer : Key benefits of our Herbal Tea is to promote blood circulation and release of water retention. With improved blood circulation, toxins and excessive water will be better expelled. .